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Welcome to Walladev

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or requests! awollocko@gmail.com

In Development

Build and Placement Tool

We’re currently developing a simplified build tool for Unity that can be easily dropped into current projects, and allows for easy specification of a modular build system at runtime.


  • Use your own models in a modular building system within a minute
  • Simple high level configuration (overlap specifications, allowable build layers)
  • Full featured dynamic UI generation for intuitive placement
  • Camera independent building - works with any camera/controller!
  • Only 4 scripts

What does that all mean? Think about a situation where you’re designing a game, and want your user to build a wall. You have your wall object pre-defined, but how do you allow the user to place it? How do you make sure they place it in appropriate places, not overlapping with other objects, manage the fine details of object placement (height, rotation, etc), and allow the user to manipulate (e.g., delete) that object later? And thats just for a single object! What about when you want multiple objects for your user to construct anything in their imagination? Imagine legos for your Unity applications.

Our build tool takes inspiration from games such as Rust, Ark, Command and Conquer, and The Sims to construct a robust build system that manages all the scripts necessary for such a system. As the developer, you just select which of your models you want as build pieces, select some high-level options (e.g., strict overlap vs lenient overlap), and our build tool will enable your players to place objects within their world on any of the game layers you specify.

Public (Free) Unity Projects

Below please find links to some of my public Unity Projects